In a time not so long ago lived a mythical being called Skinny Me.
She was a creature slender of form and fair of face, living in a low-carb world of spring mix salads, grilled chicken and Denver omelettes. Then gradually Refined Sugars and Trans Fat overtook the landscape. Voracious Appetite and Binge Eating brought forth their minions of Glazed Donuts, Rice both Steamed and Fried, and Skinny Me’s Arch Nemesis, Super Moist Chocolate Cake. They overpowered Skinny Me and held her hostage.  Soon Double Chin, Love Handles and Thunder Thighs were everywhere.  Skinny Me eventually became but a memory from a distant past. Perhaps someday  she will come back to reclaim her kingdom of halter tops, skinny jeans and skimpy outfits.  Until then, her legend will be immortalized in these mementos called photographs, and the stories of people who bear witness to her existence.

Vive Le Maigre!

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  1. EmmanSad
    Aug 04, 2010 @ 02:25:04

    Should Skinny Me make a comeback, please inform me. I have lots of questions (and tips) to ask her.

    I know a Big Mama who needs to trim down and regain her Sexy Me persona. She is still sexy, she just has more pounds.


  2. emmblu
    Aug 05, 2010 @ 10:27:08

    My dear sangay, if Skinny Me were to make a comeback, believe me when I say I will be the chairman of the welcome committee, her personal paparazzi and 24/7 bodyguard rolled into one. I will chronicle her journey up to her triumphant return,I will capture every angle and curve of that newly rejuvenated body and I will browbeat to oblivion every chocolate cake or any ice cream sundae that will threaten to sabotage her success. Then and only then can I presume to answer any questions about her diet or give tips to the general public :}


  3. ederline
    Aug 05, 2016 @ 21:00:50

    I like this piece, quite funny!


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