Day 1: Knocking on Heaven’s Door

First Day June 16

We left LAX at around 10 and landed in the Kona airport five hours later. It was around noon Hawaiian time since they are three hours behind. We got a red Dodge Charger for a rental car. Comfy but nothing spectacular.

We arrived at the Hilton after a short drive around town. The place looks desolate in some areas where the volcanic ash has cooled but the rest of Hawaii is teeming with a spectacular riot of flowers and greenery.  All of the hotels on this side of town are five-star, first-rate places. The tourism industry here is definitely alive and well.

Hilton had ice  cream social and a hula presentation by the pool this afternoon. The good thing about this place is that it’s overrun with fat women in bathing suits. I feel right at  home!

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