Day 2: High on All Things Hilton

Second Day June 17

We woke up to Ronnie cooking us a breakfast of rice, bacon, corned beef and  pork chops. I guess it’s safe to say nobody in this room is going on a diet any time soon!

Promised myself a one-hour walk this morning. Aching calves, sore muscles and a mere twenty minutes later, I was waving the white flag of surrender. So much for that power walk!

Then we were off to explore Hilton Waikoloa Village. This place is so huge they have trams and boats to take you from one point to another. Not only do they have several pools, they also have a man-made lagoon where people can ride banana boats or paddle boats.They also have a lot of wildlife just roaming around from peacocks to gorgeous salmon-crested macaws that are so tame they are not even kept in cages.They also have dolphins in their lagoon that are close enough to touch and take pictures of . Really spectacular !

Ronnie wanted me to go with him on a helicopter ride to have a bird’s eye view of the entire island  and the volcanos. I barely survived a 5-hour plane ride without embarrassing myself —no throwing up or other juvenile antics— and he wants me to do what???  Besides, I read somewhere that the smaller the aircraft, the more you feel the gust of the wind and other movements. The kids and I wisely said no. A few hours  later, Ronnie staggered back into the hotel with  a gazillion pictures and one major headache!


Later that afternoon we went to a beach with white sands and black volcano rocks. The kids  had a lot of fun, more so every time I scream because Ronnie is trying to trick me into going deeper in the water or some huge wave is threatening  to engulf me. It’s always good to hear the kids laugh, even if it’s at your expense!

Later that night, Ronnie and I left the kids in the hotel to do a little exploring downtown. It’s amazing how prices on the same item can vary from store to store. One has to do a little research to become a savvy shopper.

Anyway,I hope I’m not driving anyone crazy with my narrative. It just feels good to encapsulate the day’s event in one little missive. Bear with me.

Bird's eye view of the Hilton

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