Day 3: Lazing the Day Away

Third Day June 18

Was able to convince Ronnie to go with me on my morning walk. Big mistake . This guy is the Energizer bunny and Taskmaster rolled into one. No leisurely walks with him! We pounded the pavement, strolled through sandy beaches and clambered up rocky cliffs. I’m embarrassed to say that what kept me going was the thought of breakfast! After an hour’s walk , my step had lost its spring, my hips lost their switch and even my cellulite lost its jiggle. Definitely time to call it quits.

Back in the room, we had real division of labor. The kids wash the dishes , Ron cook, I eat. Seems fair now, does it? Besides, I’ve been the vacation planner, activity coordinator and all-around waitress of this junket. Ronnie tried to make me navigator/ co-pilot  but I got fired the first day.  (Yeah, try driving through streets called Kealakekua or Pu’ukohola Heiau.!) I  will try to make myself more useful somehow.  Might try to cook some time this week just to avoid mutiny aboard this ship.

Hit another beach at around 10 in the morning.  Another amazing thing about life in the US of A is the sight of octogenarians in bathing suits. You’d never see that in the Philippines !  Heck, even forty-somethings would come scrambling for cover if they somehow found themselves in a one-piece suit! I don’t know if it’s better to be modest and self-consciously hide behind layers of fabric , or be so comfortable in your own skin that it means flaunting  layers of flab. I look around me and I see bodies worthy of Babewatch stature and also some worthy of Baboywatch. There are bodies with more rolls than a bakery and some with more ridges than a corduroy. While I was passing judgement on all these unsuspecting folks, unbeknownst to me, Ronnie went paparazzi on me and kept snapping pictures of me at different angles. With my newly cut hair and its recently dyed dark color plus my “voluptuous” figure, I am afraid that the only flattering frame is the one where I am not in it. I begged and pleaded for Ronnie to delete the pictures, but he wouldn’t. I vowed to find a way to delete those pictures somehow. If  Ronnie shares them online with anybody, I might just strangle him! After the vacation, of course. Don’t wanna lose the chef and chauffeur this early in the game.

We went exploring the rest of the afternoon. On our drive back home, I was surprised to find a text message for me. Who would text me this late? Turned out Chessa and Melanie, who are behind me sitting next to each other in the back of the car, are texting each other,  then me. Leave it to my kids to come up with this craziness! Not to be outdone, I, of course, texted them back. We were texting each other all the way until we  finally arrived.

Now if you think that was silly, we sank to a new low last night. Jaime and James have been house and puppy-sitting for us. Chessa was chatting with James online and he had the videocam on. We got to see Pup on the videocam and we went crazy calling out to her and telling her we missed her. Good thing James was within earshot or I might have given in to the temptation of singing her a lullaby! Bow-wow-wow!

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  1. Dindin
    Apr 02, 2010 @ 20:16:01

    Perting katawa nako ani! “Baboywatch” and the sentence immediately following that is priceless.



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