Day 7: A Day of Rest

Seventh Day June 22

Goofing Around, As Usual

Goofin' Around, As Usual

I have declared this day a non-event day for me . Hey, if the Lord rested on the seventh day , I am invoking the same rights and privileges . I am taking a vacation from this vacation . No sightseeing , no beach-going , not even any picture- taking. The kids wanted to go to the beach so I sent Ronnie with them with the assurance that when they get back , I will have taken a shower and tidied up the place. A couple of hours later, I realized that between texting people , going online and taking a shower , the room was still at its same “charming state of disarray” as when Ronnie and the kids left it. I was ready to hit a state of panic when I remembered the magic word. “Housekeeping.” Viola ! My problem was solved just like magic ! Wish real life could be that easy! Chessa is due to have a work -related camping next week that will have them sleeping under the stars and bathing in rivers. She had to cut short her vacation to prepare for it. We drove her to the airport which was like a twenty-minute drive . Sentimental creature that I am , I could not help but shed some tears. She hadn’t even boarded her plane and I missed her already. Mélanie, ever the practical one, told me “Mom , you’re gonna see her again in a few days anyway.” I know , I know, but it doesn’t stop this mother’s heart from aching at the thought of her little girl having to leave to face problems in the adult world. Besides, as a parent, you wonder if you did enough for your kids. Chessa has always been so cheerfully self-sufficient that sometimes it’s easy to overlook her needs. Besides, she will be sorely missed. Chessa has always been a ray of sunshine to Ron’s thunder and lightning, my overcast skies and Mel’s gray clouds. We sure need her around to keep the forecast sunny . Another thing with Chessa is her childlike exuberance is the perfect foil to Melanie’s guarded reserve . They bring out the best in each other. Watching these two, you’d hardly notice their ten-year difference because they get along so well. Both are into the same Broadway musicals, stand-up comedy acts and stuff. It was gratifying as a parent to hear them giggling in the back seat, reliving some shared moments or just singing along to a favorite ditty. Truly, hearing your kids’ laughter and feeling their love for one another makes being a Mom the best job in the world. As we were driving back to our hotel one night, unbeknownest to us, Melanie and Chessa were waging a text war of Olympian proportions. Such unmentionables as “Sniff my butt” and “Bottle my fart” were hurled back and forth, each one trying to be more disgusting and insulting than the other, Finally ,Chessa delivered this winner: “Dip my bloody tampon in your 2 % milk and call it strawberry shake ! ” With that, Melanie conceded defeat and declared Chessa the undisputed champion , for that night at least. With Chessa gone, Melanie and I spent the rest of the day just lounging around talking about earth-shattering topics like boys and life in general. My baby is growing up. I do not have any magic incantations to set her on the path of the straight and narrow. I can only hope that common sense, her faith and morals, years of Catholic indoctrination, and our love and prayers will guide her in the right direction. Just because we two girls just chilled out that day didn’t mean that our guy was doing the same. Never one to waste a minute, our Neanderthal was out exploring the Great Outdoors. He came back hoisting this rotisserie chicken high up in the air as proud of it as if he had hunted it down himself. I could almost imagine him thumping his chest and roaring out his battle cry. Poor chicken did not stand a chance. Trapped amidst three ravenous cave-dwellers, it practically disintegrated down to its skeletal remains in just a matter of minutes. Rest in Pieces . As for the nights here in the Big Island , they are so magical . Not a street light, not even the moon, dare steal the spotlight from the myriad of stars scattered along the dark sky. Beauty is left to flourish as nature intended . With that thought, I bid all a blessed night.

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