Day 4: Volcano National Park

Fourth Day June 19

Went on my morning walk again today.   I was gonna wake up the Energizer bunny but decided against it. We are planning to see the volcanoes today and the chauffeur definitely needs his beauty sleep. Besides, I need a break !

I slathered  my anti-cellulite cream on my thighs in the hope that those geniuses at Nivea were not lying when they claimed that L-carnitine reduces cellulite . Is it my imagination or is  my cellulite breaking into tiny dissolvable pieces? I imagine tiny pockets of resistance clobbered into nothing by exercise and my all-powerful anti-C cream. The image quickens my steps. Halfway through the walk, my resolve weakens again . I  was tempted to call 911 (Ronnie) but the thought of seeing the smug look on his face and hearing him chant his mantra of “no pain, no gain” propelled me forward . I had to find something to keep me going! What about breakfast? Hey, that will work ! I am not ashamed to admit that ,yes, I will walk for food. When I arrived, Ronnie did not disappoint. Breakfast was ready and my cellulite rejoiced.

On our way to the Hawaiian Volcanoes National Park, we hit a snag. Our portable GPS system told us to turn left on Queen Kaahumanu Highway. Ronnie insists that according to the map, we should turn right . I look at him with disbelief. Deciding which one to follow, the GPS or a map , is akin to asking someone if they believe in God or Santa Claus. Of course I believe in the almighty GPS ! Ronnie was starting to yell, insisting that we turn right. I could feel my rage rising in response to his raised voice, but I reminded myself that he was just frustrated. So I calmly asked him if he wanted to follow the GPS prompts, the map or call for directions . Miracle of miracles, a member of the male gender actually consented to call for directions ! I promptly called the Hilton front desk people who of course confirmed the GPS directions ! Male drivers !!!

To all those zodiac fanatics, figure this one out : How can two people who share the same birthday be poles apart ? Ronnie and I were born under the same Taurus sign but the way we handle things are so different. Even the way we get angry is different. When he gets mad, he is like boiling water with a lot of steam and noise, scalding everything in its path. I, on the other hand, simmer with self-control, careful not to hurt anybody but extremely capable of destruction if left unattended.

So there we were on the way to the volcanoes , him chattering cheerfully,while I sat next to him in moody silence.  That’s what sucks about the boiler and the simmerer. The boiler has totally forgotten his earlier outburst while I am still fuming at his  unprovoked hissy fit.  I have to snap out of it somehow or I’ll look like the bad guy. I eventually recover and assume my caretaker duties  like  feeding the wildlife with junk food and rubbing their Dad’s back and shoulders to keep him going. Throughout it all, Ronnie keeps a running commentary on the scenery, crazy drivers, road kill, etc .  He is also keeping us entertained with his attempts at reading tongue-twisters like Kipukapuaulu, Namakanipaio, Kulanaokuaiki, among others.

We finally arrive at the Volcanoes Park. I was a little disappointed to find out that you have to hike further to see the actual lava flow and activity. We got to see a short movie about volcanoes that made us realize even more its destructive power. Aside from various exhibits, we also saw a 3D diorama of all the Hawaiian islands. I never really realized that these islands are the tip of volcanoes with a dozen other volcanoes submerged nearby. The newest  volcano is actually next to the Big Island. It is predicted to become an island in the next 200 years, that is, if it doesn’t erupt ! We also saw Devastation Trails where you can see evidence of destruction from volcanic eruptions from various times viz-a-viz  reconstruction by Mother Nature as evidenced by tiny tufts of life amidst lava rocks. We went inside lava tubes, passageway of lava as it flows into the ocean. We saw steam vents where steam from volcanoes come out from. We saw our fill of volcano  craters and other scenic spots because Ronnie would not pass one without taking pictures of it. If my kids and I had our way, our stay there would have been 30 minutes top, but telling Ronnie no is like talking to a Neanderthal . He grunts, seemingly in agreement , then he clubs you over and drags you by the hair to where he wanted to go in the first place. My enthusiasm engine had been running on empty  six craters and three look-outs ago, but what does it matter? As Ronnie says, we might never pass this way again, so we have to try to experience everything. Yep, experience it all we did, thanks to the Energizer bunny, or should I say hubby .

Well , that’s all for now. Please disregard all typos and grammatical errors. I am writing all this on my iPhone with its tiny screen and even tinier letters . I actually amaze myself that I get the point across ! Have a nice day .huddling together in front of the scenic spots of the Volcano Park

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