Why Should I Love You?

Why should I love you?

You thaw your frozen toes against my bare belly and laugh when I yell out with shock…

You take candid shots of me in my most unflattering angles and in my worst bad hair days…

You stop me from petting Pup because you get jealous at having to share me, even if it’s with a dog…

You scare me when we play “Sumo Wrestler” because you can be the toughest opponent ever…

You like playing tag with me then freak out when I chase you around like a half-crazed zombie…

You fool people with your dainty size until they realize they can’t boss you around…

You are quiet but inside that pretty head of yours is a repertoire of songs and zany ideas swirling around …

You appear serious but when you smile, you light up like a mega-watt bulb…

You ask me “Who do you love most?” “Do you love me more?” “What is it about me that you love?” plus a million other questions, then you turn away when you don’t get the answers you want to hear…

So why should I love you?  

Maybe the better question is, “Why shouldn’t I love you?”

 You are a puzzle worth solving, a mystery worth exploring, and a daughter worth loving. You make me laugh. You make me cry. You inspire me. You infuriate me. Yet through it all, I thank God every single day for giving me you.

So why do I love you?

Simple: because I can’t help it.


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