20130731-214423.jpgEarly this morning, I checked in on my kids and found the two curled asleep in the same bed, exhausted after another night of watching TV, giggling and bonding. As I was about to close the door, I suddenly had a momentary whiff of Ronnie’s scent.

I was puzzled. I’ve never experienced this before. People used to ask if I ever smelled or sensed his presence, and the answer has always been no. This time, it was unmistakable.

As I walked away towards the living room, I smelled it again, around the area where Ronnie hang the pictures he took of Pacquiao. Then almost as suddenly as I smelled it, it was gone, so I wondered if it was real.

Then when Melanie woke up this morning, she told me and Chessa that it was weird, but she smelled her dad and she described the incidents. They were similar to mine, and I haven’t even told them about my experience.

Then later, the three of us went to see a movie. Chessa was between us, Melanie to her left, and me to her right. Twice, I smelled Ronnie, and when I looked over at Melanie, who was one seat away, she would nod and say, “Yep, I smell him, too.” But the scent came from opposite sides of us where no one was seated. It was almost like Ronnie was seated at the vacant seat next to us.

Olfactory hallucination, active imagination or what? Strange, but first time something like this happened…

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