No More Him

My cousin took me out to dinner tonight. Another cousin joined us later. As we were finishing up, a friend strolled by with her husband and they joined us. My cousin explained to us that Friday night is date night for those two. As they approached us, I was teasing them ,”Nakakainggit kayo.” As I said those words, my eyes just started welling up when I realized that I was indeed jealous of them. Jealous, because family day on Sundays is never gonna be complete without my husband, and my usual lunch and movie date on the Mondays that I’m off is never gonna show up anymore. As we sat down with them, I bit my lips, fighting back tears that threatened to betray me. I could not wait to escape home. When I got home, I found a well-written and comforting message from a former classmate. That was all it took to turn on a faucet of tears. Jeez, this is much harder than I thought. But don’t pity me. I’ll be ok. See, I’m on FB already. Then I’m gonna start writing those thank you cards that needed to be sent so many yesterdays ago. Then I’m gonna…
So many things to be done, and all I can think of is, nobody’s gonna wake me up on Sundays anymore with a “Mom, breakfast is ready…”

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