I Got to Hug Him in My Dream


Just woke up from a really nice dream. I dreamed Ronnie was with me We had our arms around each others ‘ waists while we were waiting for my cousins. Turned out Adona , Omeng, and Chito together with their spouses were hiding inside a car, and they laughingly got out of their hiding spot and teased us that they “saw everything” Then the next scene, I was trying to ride this bike through an area with really thick sand. I saw Ronnie crossing the street. In my dream, he had already passed away and I knew that but he didn’t know it yet, so I desperately tried to get to him before he disappeared. So I ran over to him and I hugged him as tight as I could. Then we walked together towards a family gathering where my cousins were waiting…
Then I woke up with my face wet with tears. Thank you Lord for this. Even if it was just a dream, I got to hug him again and it felt real. More dreams like this, please..

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