Holiday Blues

Post-thanksgiving and pre-Christmas decoration used to be a breeze. I would work that weekend (to get out of having to help, he said), and when I came home, the tree would be up and the house would have the best lights around the block. (He was so proud of that.) Now, our first Christmas without him, the decor is lying unattended and the lights have dim chance of being put up. I’m in Home Depot looking at trees, and I know I don’t have it in me to wrestle with those six-foot monsters. Another reason to miss him. Sigh …
So ladies and gentlemen, do not take your partners for granted. You two are the nuts and bolts that keep the house from falling apart. Love each other like it’s your last day together.
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  • Zack LaGuardia if you need some man power i can help with stuff mrs lu!
  • Yolanda Graves-Jones Thanks for saying that and it’s true never take life and love ones for granted, my prayers for you is that God grants you peace in the holiday season.
  • Jedy Pepito thanks Emms..TC
  • Emma Lu Florence Arnold Flo, it was teamwork. I team , he work
    Zack, I’m, gonna hold you to it. Our Lilliputian beauties are gonna need not only your muscles , but also your height. My little helper (you know who she is) is doing more singing and eating than actual work.
    Yolanda and Jedinum and everyone else, thanks for the likes and the warm thoughts behind them. Truly, look at your partners with renewed love and appreciation. Don’t pass up the chance to hug them and tell them how much they mean to you. You might never get another chance.
  • Abelita V. Lubrica hi there, ging….. i know what you mean…. now that i have this second chance, i hug without reservations, kiss longer and more heartfully (without thinking of the next house chore or schoolwork to do), converse more attentively, fight a lot less often…… i also do these( kiss, hug, converse) more frequently…. christmas decorations? we also still do not have them…..
  • Emma Lu Bits, Ronnie put up the Christmas decorations early because he knew I like to have more time to enjoy them. As the holidays approach, I reflect on the good years we’ve had, and I cannot help but regret all the missed opportunities to tell him what a special guy he was. I was going to ditch the decoration and celebration altogether, but I decided otherwise because of the kids. Also, because my cousins have been so supportive of me, I did not want to be the grinch that stole Christmas. Yes, our decorations will be sparse this year. I will stick to my new rule of thumb: Never put up what I cannot take down myself. I will keep things to the minimum, and just hold close to me what is truly precious: family and friends.
  • Emma Lu Mao gyud, Gi. Especially ikaw coz I tell you all my stories and ang pagpangga ni Eugene nimo parehas sad.


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