Happy Anniversary


Up again since 2 in the morning…

Today was pretty hard. It would have been our 29th wedding anniversary. The past years, without fail, I awakened to a bouquet of flowers, a carefully handpicked card and a little present. I, on the other hand, was always empty-handed, because he gave such good presents, it was hard to top him, and I always gave up trying. Too late, I would feel guilty and try to make amends by asking him what he wanted. He would always respond, “You!”

Ron, you will always be here in my heart, and today, keeping my promise to you to be more sociable, I am hanging out with family and friends at home in your memory. You would have been so happy, Ron, with all the love and support Chessa, Melanie and I have been getting from everybody. Incredible gyud, mostly because you have been incredible with these people. I miss you, Dada. Happy anniversary ♥

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