First Round

560924_10151083079669281_1399549688_nSurvived the first round of novena for Ronnie last night and finally got at least four hours of sleep… It was tough at first. The tears fell for a life cut too short, a laugh that will be never heard again, and a love that will endure from  beyond.
Ron, I miss you taking care of me, but I know you’ll be happy to know that Mommy, Jaime and Gory are helping me, Chessa and Melanie are easing my burden by taking over a lot of stuff, your co-workers, barkada and other friends are rallying behind me, and my amazing and wonderful cousins, in-laws and friends did my errands, cooked, cleaned, and did practically everything for me. They did all these because they love and miss you, Ron…
I miss you, Dada 😦

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