A Very Nice Dream

The other night I dream about Ronnie. I dreamt that our house was being renovated. The construction crew set up some temporary shelter outside the house. The shelter was dome-shaped. Ronnie was very excited and he motioned me to come inside. When I went inside, I saw a kid-size sofa bed and loveseat. There were also a lot of fluffy little dogs running around with jackets on. Ronnie tried on the twin size bed. It was a little too small for him but he said that if we twisted both our bodies a certain way, we would both be able to fit. We both burst out laughing at the thought. I was feeling very blissful, but somewhere in the back of my mind, there was this gnawing dread about something. Then it hit me: he was dead already but he didn’t know it yet. Then he slowly disappeared before my eyes. And the feeling of bliss was gone…


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