Mom in the News


My mom made it in the news, but not in a way anyone would have wanted it. She crashed her car into a flower shop and totaled it, and that made the local headlines via Facebook.

I read people’s comments online about the accident. Some offered prayers. Some were not too kind.

“Was the driver a chino?”
“That’s the reason women shouldn’t drive.”
“She thought the flower shop was drive-through.”

People, when you see an accident, don’t be too quick to judge. Remember, there was a human being behind the wheel of that wreck you’re gaping at.

Sure, my mom fits all the stereotypes of your bad driver: Asian, female, senior citizen. But there’s more to her than that. That 85 y.o. Asian female behind the wheel of that silver Mercedes-Benz is a very sharp – minded, quick-witted and high-octane lady who owns her own business, does the weekly grocery for her board and care facility, and knows the side streets and freeways in LA like the back of her hand.

The cops think my mom got confused and stepped on the gas instead of the brake. My mom insists that the car accelerated out of control, and she repeatedly stepped on the brakes to slow it down, to no avail.

I am more inclined to believe my mom, because she is a very careful driver who would more likely get a ticket for driving too slow than too fast. I am convinced there was a mechanical error involved there that caused the car to speed up when it did.

Whatever the cause, I am thankful my mom made it alive. The passenger side of her car was crumpled like a can of soda, a pole made of solid iron missed her by a few inches, and the roof had to be pried open so she could be extracted by firefighters from the wreck, but she survived. Somebody up there was looking out for her

When I saw her in the ED, despite cracked ribs and bruises, she still managed to crack a joke at her expense.

“I got (into) an accident, but it’s not number one or number two.”

Go figure.

Her big birthday celebration that was supposedly for today was cancelled, but she remained in high spirits, buoyed by people’s vists, prayers and well wishes. Wisely, she has decided not to drive anymore, but that’s not the end for her. My mom will continue to inspire with her firecracker personality and cheerful take on life, that resiliency of hers that makes her bounce back even after life deals her a big blow.

IMG_4912So here’s to a speedy recovery, Mom. Your birthday celebration might be at the hospital, but keep that smile bright because there are still plenty of reasons to be thankful for. Happy birthday, Mommy.

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