I love books the way an earthworm loves the soil. 

I like to burrow through pages, munching on letters as I go along.

I slurp through myths and fables, romance and tragedies like a glutton.

I savor every twist and turn, every plot and scene down to the last morsel.

Then I cast them out as droppings, stories retold as  I plucked them from my garden of memories,

offered to my readers in the hope that they gorge on them as I did back then,

propped up in front of a book, worming my way from Chapter One to The End.

The following is a collection of tales that I remember fondly from childhood. Although they have no doubt been retold  countless times, they are like little kids in my mind, jumping up and down, tugging at my sleeves, and asking for me to recite their little piece. So, while I may not be the one who gave birth to them originally, allow me anyway to retell their stories the best that I can in the hope that they will enchant you as they continue to enchant me.

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