A writer on the sly, that’s me, oh my. Underneath this nurse’s cap is a closet lexophile who would trade needles for pens and dispense stories instead of pills. There were clues along the way. Four years in nursing school earned me a diploma, a visa to the US, and numerous writing awards to my name. Yes, writing, not nursing. Review classes found me in one corner furiously scribbling notes, not for the nurses’ board exams, but for a bonus lampoon issue of the school paper. You would think I would have asked for the Muse’s blessings back then, but the real world beckoned, and I turned my back on her. Yet I find myself heeding her siren call every now and then. Each time I do, I find I am as beholden and as enamored of her as ever, humbled by the pleasure she affords me. It is in these moments of weakness that I surrender mind and soul, and pray that I be blessed with many more such moments.

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  1. Dindin
    Apr 02, 2010 @ 20:07:45

    The muse continued to hound you, Emmablu. I am so glad I can read one of my favourite writers again. I can still remember those days when you would sneak out of your review classes with a mischievous grin because while the teacher droned on you were writing another lampoon piece. And at the Ang Suga office we would eagerly wait (especially me and Melody) for whatever you would churn out. And as Molingskie giggled we couldn’t help but peek over her shoulder to see who you were lampooning so effortlessly. As we laughed out loud how you described a school official we also secretly wondered how you would describe each one of us in the staff. Now, years after, the creator of “Nurses’ Station” is BACK.


    • emmblu
      Apr 02, 2010 @ 20:11:23

      Thanks, Din. Wala ra ni sa inyong literary accomplishments oy. Update unya ko ha?


    • emmblu
      Apr 02, 2010 @ 20:25:51

      Din, I did not get to read your entire comment until now. Thank you for bringing back vivid memories of our ka-imokan days. Those were one of the best years of my life, hanging out with Moling, you and the rest of the staffers as well as Student Council people. You know I had forgotten about Nurses’ Station until you mentioned it. Thank you. How I wish I could get a hold of back issues of Suga…


  2. Peter Joson
    Jul 12, 2015 @ 07:19:39

    Thanks for the Legend of the Pineapple. Its my son’s assignment and he needed it to be in english. Salamat muli.


  3. Geena
    May 17, 2018 @ 19:13:23

    Thank you for that “alamat ng pinya” you featured that I linked in one of my recent posts…brought back the memory on how it was told to me that I chose it…


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