Fashion Hit Or Miss


I went shopping one time and scored a hit. I snagged a pair of high-waisted denim jeans, one with garter around the waist and ankles, a toned-down version of the harem pants popularized by MC Hammer in the 80’s. ( Can’t touch this !)

When I got home, I was still euphoric. I triumphantly held my treasure aloft as I proclaimed to my kids, “Look what I gottt!!!”

My kids looked at me then looked away without the slightest flicker of interest.

“Hey, these pants were very popular back then. I used to love them.”

I was still trying to drum up a little enthusiasm. I wiggled into the pants and pranced around the living room in front of my kids.

“They’re making a comeback now, you know. ”

“Sez who?” was my kids’ unimpressed response.

“Sez ME!!!” was my defiant answer.

“If you say so, Mom” they said soothingly as they continued doing whatever they were doing without skipping a beat.

I was miffed by their response, or lack of.

“Wait and see. When you realize that these pants have become popular again, you will say to yourselves, ‘Mom was right, after all. We should have stocked up on these when we had the chance.’ Don’t go raiding my closet then.”

“Oh, don’t worry, Mom. We won’t,” was their amused reply.

They remained unimpressed and unconvinced, but it didn’t stop me from dancing around ala- MC Hammer in my denim harem pants. “Can’t touch this! Oh-oh oh oh oh-oh-oh! Hammer time. ”

My kids rolled their eyes around in mock horror.



It’s been months since this incident. Some celebrities have been spotted around town in these pants, but somehow, the fashion renaissance never really happened. As for me, I am still convinced it’s only a matter of time before it does. When that time comes , I’ll be rocking my harem pants while you scramble around trying to get yourself a pair. When that time finally comes, as I’ve warned my kids, step away from my closet. You’ve had your chance, and and you blew it.

“Can’t touch this!”

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  1. mari anjeli
    Sep 28, 2015 @ 22:55:01

    Picture, picture!


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