Winning Mother’s Day Entry

I wrote the following letter years ago in a letter-writing contest sponsored by a dept store chain and a local radio station in the Philippines.  Although I was thankful for the cash prize that I received, I am even more thankful that I am blessed with a prize money can’t replace: a real-life flesh and blood heroine of a mom whose warmth and forgiveness provided the inspiration for this letter.  So here goes…

Everdearest Mom,

Every May, Mother’s Day is celebrated the world over as a tribute to the most important person in one’s life: one’s mother.
Year after year, on this occasion, I have searched for THE gift, one that would convey the motley of emotions that this remarkable woman, my mother, inspired in me.  Yet, I searched in vain.
Now I finally realized the folly of my search, for could anything in this world ever be more beautiful as the symphony of laughter played by a mother and child as they bask in each other’s adoration, or be as heartbreaking as the cacophony of angry voices brought about by the generation gap?  Could the camera capture the essence of a fulfilled mother as she beams at a child receiving honors onstage, or erase the wrinkles of worry over a daughter’s late arrival from her first date out?  Could any rose be lovelier than a mother’s acceptance of a prodigal offspring, or any chocolate sweeter than the words “All is forgiven. You are loved.”   What shop would offer me the courage to break down the walls around me, and the wisdom to humbly admit, “I need you, after all”?
So what can I give you this Mother’s Day, Mom?  All the love and attention befitting a great mother, the promise to bring honor to the family in the eyes of God and man, and the vow that the lessons you taught me about unconditional love and selfless service will not be in vain.
The perfect gift was not that elusive, after all.  It only needed the magic words “I love you, Mommy” to be rediscovered.

May everyday be a Happy Mother’s Day celebration for you.

With love…

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dindin
    May 07, 2010 @ 22:48:08

    I remember this letter very well, Emm. Happy Mother’s Day to you.



  2. Harold Cabahug
    May 08, 2010 @ 18:31:10

    Wow!!! Only you can express in words what and how we all feel for our moms. I want to call my mom now and ask for forgiveness for all the heartaches and headaches I caused throughout my life. Thanks, Emms. I owe you a big one for this piece.



    • emmblu
      May 09, 2010 @ 05:56:11

      Harold, every now and then I despair that all this writing business is just pure nonsense, then I get comments like these and I am emboldened once more to pick up my cyberpen. Thank you so much.



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