Wit and humour run in both sides of my family…

Copied and pasted from Facebook:

Mari Anjeli Lubrica: Wit and humour run in both sides of my family. 🙂March 8 at 6:02pm ·

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Quantum Yuri Lubrica: hehe that’s why marami tayong pinagkukuhanan 😀
March 8 at 6:32pm
Mari Anjeli Lubrica: yep. true, true.
March 8 at 9:55pm
Emma Lu: You are blessed. In some families, Rumor and Intrigue always have a head start and beat every one to the finish line…
March 9 at 8:27am ·
Mari Anjeli Lubrica: @aunt gingging: tsk, tsk, tsk, (now that’s the wit that I’m talking about!)
March 9 at 4:14pm
Emma Lu: I am returning the compliment: It takes one to know one…
March 9 at 10:59pm
Mari Anjeli Lubrica: @auntie gingging: hear, hear. 🙂
March 10 at 12:03am
Quantum Yuri Lubrica: @auntie ging ging and ate mari: har har, 🙂
March 10 at 4:18am
Emma Lu: Har har? Ano? Pirate? (That’s Humour talking… Hayyy, Anjeli and Quantum, you don’t know the depth of corniness your mom’s side is capable of. It is downright scary… And they say it is passed down from generation to generation…It is too late for both of you, but for Chrissakes, don’t have kids!!!… Just kidding ha? Your Mama will hang me upside down and tickle me to death for saying the last part… Shhhh…)
March 10 at 10:50am ·
Mari Anjeli Lubrica: @aunt ging ging and qy: i was going to write after qy’s comment — “Corny runs in our family too.”

Hahahaha. Ohhh. Nooo. LOL. I think

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