Another Awww Moment

      I picked up Melanie at her friend’s house the other day. I asked how it went. She told me about her visit, including the fact that her friend’s parents worked long hours and that they had somebody to cook and clean for them. It is common in the Philippines to have a housekeeper, but here in the States, it can be pretty pricey. I commented that it must be nice to be able to afford a housekeeper. 

      She protested, “No, I don’t want a housekeeper.” I was surprised at this and I asked her why not. She replied, “Because that would mean you would have to work more days and longer hours. It’s bad enough you come home late when you are working.”

      I teased her, “Why? Does somebody really miss her mom?”

      She replied, “Yes, I count the minutes ’til you get home. I always bug Dad, ‘Is Mom home yet’ and he tells me to just be patient.”

      A teenager admitting that she still misses her mom? Awww…

      At this point, I pull my baby close and give her a big kiss. How sweet it is to be loved…


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