Amid rumored sightings of Skinny Me, a massive search was undertaken, spearheaded by her long-suffering companion Tim Bangan. Pictures of her were posted on milk cartons. An Amber alert was called. Flyers were passed around. Dozens of sweat-drenched gyms were ransacked in the chance of finding her on a treadmill machine or a stationary bike perhaps. Aisles of organic food and healthy produce were scoured in the hope of discovering her in the middle of a celery-crunching frenzy or a yogurt- induced euphoria. To no avail. In desperation,
they followed a trail littered with cake crumbs, candy wrappers and drippings of Oreo McFlurry. It led them smack in the belly of Junk Food Land. It was as they feared. Trapped amidst cellulite-infested mounds of flesh and cavernous body cavities, barely recognizable except for the signature tiny dimple on her left cheek, was Skinny Me. Too weak to even yell out for help, she reached out for a two-layer fudge cake and shoved it down her throat, while a tear rolled down her face for the cake’s untimely demise. Tucked next to her was a sign that said…

“Inside every fat woman is a skinny person crying to get out. I just
shut this one up with chocolate…”



Super Moist Chocolate Cake.

Daaang… SMCC strikes again !!!

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